Friday, November 26, 2010

Rejoice! You're Not a Fruitfly

Happy Black Friday for those of you brave enough to go shopping…I am not courageous enough to tackle something like that.  I have been practicing balancing some time for myself and my projects like I wrote about in the last post and have found myself fighting a bit of depression since slowing down which I am sure my small audience can relate to, there is a Buddhist concept I want to share that I ponder on when feeling down and hopefully if you are not already familiar with the precept then you will also find it useful and inspiring.  

Far from verbatim and I will do my best to not butcher the message but the basic concept is for us to meditate on how fortunate we are to have been born human.  Of the countless forms of life in the universe from the mosquito to a blade of grass to algae in the sea, against all astronomical odds we came into this world as human…the mere fact that we are able to communicate this concept to one another and understand is amazing enough in itself due to the gift of human consciousness. What we do this gift is not only to be taken with the gravity it deserves but to also be aware how quickly this gift may be taken away from us.  We could easily die tomorrow and following this precept never be born into human consciousness again but much more likely to be born as one of the billion forms of bacteria rather than as human if we go simply by mathematical probability.  Whether you personally agree with this religious outlook really is not my point but rather the concept that it illustrates.  What will you do with this gift?  Spending it being depressed and joyless or by celebrating the fluke in which we won the ultimate life lottery of being born human and make the most of every moment we have been given in this present form?  I am far from doing the original text justice but I hope the point still comes across and you can find this concept helpful in your life.

So why am I suddenly turning religious?  I assure you I am not, I am not trying to sway anyone to a particular religion or anything along those lines, simply share a bit of what I have picked up as useful during different periods of my life, usually periods of change where I have done soul searching, wondering why I am here, searched for meaning or purpose in life and most importantly what that purpose is.  This lead me to read bits and pieces of several different religious texts out there, just as I have read other non-religious text such as “The Secret “ to which I commonly refer to.  I have found all contain many beautiful concepts, insight and moral values in which to live our life by.  I certainly do not consider myself a religious person but I do consider myself spiritual.  This comes from personal experience and feelings, many situations I should not have survived but due either to dumb luck or some higher intervention I always managed to beat the odds, and in some instances the odds were far from in my favor.  These experiences coupled with something inside me that just screams I have a purpose in this life I have yet to fulfill although I don’t have the foggiest clue what that might be or perhaps everyone has this same feeling inside them.  Please feel free to share whether or not this feeling is inside of you as well as I am personally fascinated by this.

Prior to writing my positive affirmations on this post I would like to explain the concept again as I have received a few questions regarding their meaning.  If you read my post titled  Positive Affirmation I explain it in more detail and how it has proven to work for me in the past when I needed it most. I focus on what I want or need from life, I believe it will happen,  become so certain that it will happen and that it will manifest into  reality that I treat it as if it has already happened.  One of the ways I do this and what has worked for me in the past is stating I am grateful for whatever I am trying to attract into my life  (please read The Secret as I do not come near to giving the concept justice).

I am grateful that I am enjoying taking time to relax and am not struggling with not working.  I am grateful that this blog has become successful and has hundreds of followers.  I am grateful that this blog brings comfort to those that read it. I am grateful that when I continue on my projects they will be successful and generate revenue to help achieve my goals. I am grateful that I am calm and anxiety free.  I am grateful to be filled with joy and have no depression.  I am grateful that you as a reader will try this and see how it will positively affect your life.

Thank you again my friends for reading, although I hear there are still issues becoming a Follower of my blog with Yahoo, people with Google accounts seem to have no problem signing up as a follower, unsure of AIM or the other means listed. 

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