Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rough Day

I had a difficult morning that got to me a bit and really felt torn down by somebody, so rather than the direction my post was going I am instead sharing this affirmation I wrote.  I truly feel better and peaceful since having written it.

Today is a day that I realize how far I have come rather than the distance ahead.  I will let go of any anger that I usually hold in so tight and I will breathe.   There is only room in my life for positive thoughts, results and attitudes.  I cannot control the attitudes, outlook or opinions of others but I can quickly adapt mine to try, regardless of  results, negativity cannot affect me today.

I am meant to be happy and when someone speaks ill of me I will find something kind to say about them.  If they succeed in hurting me then I will find a way to make them feel good about themselves.  If they speak of my past I’ll silently celebrate my present. 

This peace comes from within so external factors have no effect.  This is how I choose to live my life today.

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