Thursday, November 25, 2010

When Do Goals Become an Obsession?

Happy Thanksgiving all!  I apologize that I have not posted in the last few days.  My focus has been on my many little projects I have spoken about on previous posts.   It has been a frustrating, hair pulling, teeth grinding adventure the past few days.  I have caught myself many times having to remind myself of what I spoke about in the post called Re-Defining Failure as well as Positive Affirmations.  I have felt that I have failed at a good amount of what I have worked on lately, but like we talked about earlier it is not really failure if any new skills are learned or if headway is made; which in this case, although it seems like a limited amount to me but new skills have been acquired as well as making some headway.  I simply hoped in vain that I would be able to teach myself to write code, implement it and see instant results, which as I write this it becomes clear how foolish this line of thinking is and how far I’ve come in the past couple days, I even have a website created completely from HTML code, published and ready to generate income.  I suppose I considered myself failing due to the fact I cannot get it tweaked exactly the way that I want and some other details that will bore you all as readers if it hasn’t already.  It’s amazing how therapeutic writing can be by putting things in the proper perspective.

The reason I said it also made me think of the post Positive Affirmations post is because I was not following the examples I have written about regarding positive thinking that I know work for me and was allowing myself to focus on failing rather than success.  For those that have not read the post I’m referring to a quick synopsis of what it contains is a very specific example of how I was able to deal with one of the hardest and most anxious times in my life which was detoxing from drugs and alcohol by using positive thinking I basically focused on a lie I told myself over and over which was that I was so grateful I did not feel the pain, did not feel the anxiety, did not feel  basically everything I was feeling and by doing that I was able to get this to manifest  into reality almost instantly could physically feel the calm come over me.  But in that post I only addressed the manifestation of positive thoughts and did not mention the flip side of that same coin.  In the Law of Attraction it is very important to realize the same is true for negative thoughts. If all we focus on or think about is negative, like so many of us with anxiety and panic disorders tend to do and sometimes obsessively, then all we are attracting into our lives are those negative things and something we consider bad will eventually happen or manifest in our life as that is what we are attracting when we focus so intently on negative thoughts although it is not intentional.  So it is definitely a double edged sword, whether we choose to use it or not the law of attraction is always there and ready to serve up whatever we are attracting into our lives.   

I have been focusing and getting frustrated on my failures, so what am I attracting?  More failure, so I actually read through some of the posts that I have written as I must practice what I preach or walk the talk as a good friend and follower of this post will like seeing J  but I have come to the realization that in order keep my thoughts in check and stay positive I need to take time for myself and for my family outside of my financial aspirations in order to try and keep a healthy balance of working towards goals without being consumed by them.  So I am going to try and enjoy the moment as there will always be a new goal and without this balance we will never be able to enjoy the fruits of our hard work and our personal and family lives will self-destruct. This actually was not my wise thinking but came from a discussion from my wife today who asked me when the last time I took any time off to just relax….after really thinking about the answer I realized how badly I need balance in my life.  Not just to keep a positive attitude and attract good things into my life but to realize it is okay to have time for myself and family and this does not mean I am letting my goals slip away. Rather, it is the healthy non-obsessive approach that "normal people" not suffering from any anxiety disorder or addictive/obsessive personalities, so even if it pains me to do so at first I will take a break from the 24x7 lifestyle and it will actually be interesting to see if the amount I am able accomplish is able to stay the same or perhaps even increase due to a more relaxed and healthy state of mind.  I will be sure to keep you all posted on how I am doing regarding all of this.  Here is something you should find useful How to Set and More Importantly Acheive your Goal

So today not just because of the Thanksgiving Holiday but rather because I said I will end every post this way I am grateful for the headway I made this week.  I am grateful that I am calm.  I am grateful that I have found the perfect balance in my life.  I am grateful that I have that I have a firm grasp on how to achieve my current goals.

Thank you all for reading as always.  I have contacted Google and I believe I got the Follower Widget working so please if you would like sign up as a follower of the blog it should allow you to do so now.  Happy Holidays!

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