Sunday, December 5, 2010

How to Acheive Your Goals

I have addressed many aspects of goals in my posts; how to achieve goals, shared my long term goals, my short term goals and how the law of attraction plays a role in all of this.  One thing I realized I do not do is give updates and in this case I feel I have to in order to illustrate how quickly when focusing on your goals doors open up for you that you never knew were there.

In my last post I named a new goal to improve my verbal communication skills in addition to the long term goals I often speak about.  To loosely quote myself I stated that the Law of Attraction is constantly at work and if we consistently keep our goals in mind the opportunity to achieve them will find a way to present itself in our lives.  I spoke specifically of my goal to overcome anxiety when using verbal communication, finding a mentor or someone knowledgeable in this area that is willing to share their knowledge or lend advice and finally put all of this into practice.

In the couple days since I have posted this new goal an opportunity has not only presented itself to help me on this goal but also ties into my other long term goals of creating enough passive income to work for myself online in the next 5 years.  Soon after posting an online venture came about that has the potential to not only generate multiple revenue streams but it is centered around communication.  Best of all this venture involves a partner who happens to be an excellent speaker.  So I will be living, eating and breathing this venture for the next few months which ties all of my current goals together but with it I will have the opportunity to find my voice again, or perhaps develop my voice s a better way of putting it.

In addition to this opportunity coming along there was another instance in which some wisdom was shared with me which has really given me some insight to think about regarding my frustrations that I have aimed at not being able to do many of things I used to be proficient at prior to getting sober and it has really allowed me to develop strategies or at least an understanding as to why I have lost so many skills I had when actively using drugs and alcohol.  My substance abuse began at a young age when in elementary school and everything I have learned from that point on I learned to do while functioning as a practicing alcoholic/addict. Well unfortunately I have had to or will have to relearn everything all over again as a sober individual.  This is just about everything in my life and looking back at when I first came out of the hospital it is so true.  I met my family sober for the first time and have had to learn my role and where the new me fits in.  But that is very high level and this relearning process goes even into the finite detailed areas of my life, such as basic motor function which I have written about before not having any control over for some time after getting sober, also I wrote about discerning sounds and their point of origin, determining whether a voice was male or female.  This is best suited for another post of it's own as I would like to give this topic the justice it deserves but wanted to point out that just this understanding of why I lost so many abilities such as verbally expressing myself efficiently is helpful for me because just like I got my motor functions back, my hearing re-calibrated, my family role defined, these other abilities will come to me as I learn to do them sober and of course I am not going to be able to do many things at the level I once could without practice and it was foolish of me to think otherwise.

I realize nobody was on the edge of their seats waiting for any updates as to the goals that I have set for myself but really felt the need to share the amount of opportunity afforded to me in just the last two days since originally setting my latest goal.  They are not gimmes and are going to require much work but anything worth having in life always does.