Saturday, January 1, 2011

Panic Attack or Heart Attack?

Suffering from anxiety and panic attacks results in such a multitude of real physical symptoms that it very easy to mistake the symptoms for a heart attack or some other disease depending on the symptoms.  Despite what many people say we know that this is not in our heads and the symptoms are every bit as real as a real heart attack , such as shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, tightness in chest or sudden sharp pains in your chest.  It is a fine balance of being able to determine what is anxiety and what is panic.

When I first began suffering from anxiety I had such a wide array of symptoms I did not know where to start with the Dr. all I knew was something was drastically wrong with me.  Sadly I was diagnosed as Hypochondriac originally rather than anxiety.  Hallucinations, feelings as if I had stopped breathing, dizziness.  It is a long list of symptoms but those are a few.  This forms 2 problems; my own experience is an example where I had so many symptoms and knew only that something was wrong with my body and lead me to see the Doctor as often as possible with a list of symptoms to help diagnose what was wrong with me, little did I know everything I was saying was being dismissed as I was a Hypochondriac.  I remember the feeling of elation when I was finally diagnosed correctly.  Just to know what it was that was wrong with me felt like a house was taken off my chest.  Of course since then in the midst of every panic attack I still find myself wrestling with whether the question am I having a panic attack or heart attack.  Of course this feeling passes and I am able to think rationally realizing that I had simply experienced yet another panic attack.  The second problem this causes is those of us that are aware of our panic disorders are much less likely to seek treatment for physical symptoms and could dismiss symptoms of a real heart attack as yet another panic attack that will soon pass, of course this inaction will result in deadly consequences.  

Being open and honest with our Doctors are important as to our symptoms although some are difficult if not impossible to describe.  We need to know our bodies and to err on the side of caution if we are experiencing symptoms that are out of the norm for us, especially when alone.  Dialing 911 if experiencing symptoms of a heart attack is okay, we need to know that.  We can always cancel if it passes and we realize that it was in fact only panic rearing it's ugly head in our life again.

On a side note a reader suggested an anxiety method to me for reversing panic attacks and I of course was skeptical at first but have to say it is an effective and unique approach to panic which has helped me actually stop an attack dead in it's tracks.  So thank you to the reader and for those who would like to try this the program details can be found here Panic Miracle. Thank you all for reading and h Happy Holidays!