A Little About Me

I am a 31 year old currently employed as an Estimator/Finance Analyst in the Aerospace Industry but hope to be self -employed within 5 years through a number of means, i.e. currently I am in the early stages of writing an eBook and I also run what has surprisingly turned into a profitable Video Game website. I‘ve been in recovery for 14 months now from alcoholism & prescription drugs. I’m learning to get know the new & real “me”. It’s a bit of a double edged sword for me as my drive to succeed at some pretty high level goals has kicked in with a vengeance & become my new addiction, however as I work towards these my original reasons for using; suffering from Panic & Anxiety have resurfaced strong & I have had to learn how to work around this to function without self-medicating. I decided to write this blog as means to be able to help any that may be in a similar place in life by sharing any methods which help me or others to function daily & beyond that, to surpass mere existing & truly enjoy & own our lives again. If nothing else I would love to make you laugh & have you walk away smiling as I have what most call a very bizarre sense of humor as I’m sure will be revealed here.